Trophy Whitetail Hunts
Ron's deer management program is well established, and well evidenced by the deer harvested over the years. We offer a limited number of 5-day bow hunts, shotgun hunts and muzzleloader hunts. All hunts are trophy hunts only -- we are harvesting 140" 8 pointers, 150" 9pointers or bigger, and all bucks must be mature, 3 1/2 years or older.

The Hunt Club is truly a trophy deer hunters paradise - a walk through the lodge will show you some of the magnificent animals that have been harvested since we started hunting bucks in 1991. A first time hunter at The Hunt Club will often ask, Where did you get these bucks? Right here on these grounds! Take a look at the photo gallery, and see what we mean. And while you are at it, notice that we feel quite fortunate to have offered not only the buck of a lifetime to many hunters, but BUCKS of a lifetime to many of the hunters who return to hunt with us year after year.

We want you to return to The Hunt Club, and with that goal in mind, we plan your entire stay - from the time you wake in the morning to the time you retire in the evening - to reflect our motto, and that is, Control everything that you can, because this is, after all, fair chase hunting!

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